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Anti-Acne Papaya Skin Care System Steps:
With Papaya Enzyme & Salicylic Acid Acne Medication

Treat yourself to a skin-pampering facial plus salicylic acid acne care in 3 easy steps!

Nature’s Cure knows that it’s hard to keep up a regimen with those harsh, medicinal kits. Nature’s Cure Anti-Acne Papaya Skin Care System effectively treats acne with salicylic acid acne medication, while leaving your skin soft and rejuvenated - never dry or stripped. And it smells great! Now you can feel like you’re getting a mini-facial every time you treat your breakouts with proven salicylic acid acne medication.

Pore-Perfecting Papaya Toner

After cleansing, refine pores and refresh skin with Pore-Perfecting Papaya Toner. Salicylic acid acne medication penetrates deep into skin to fight acne at the base of the pores. Papaya enzyme complements the salicylic acid acne medicine by exfoliating dead skin and promoting skin cell turnover. Natural botanicals balance out the salicylic acid acne fighting ingredient to soothe and nourish the skin for a smooth and healthy appearance.

Acne-Clearing Papaya Cleanser

Your skin care routine begins with Acne-Clearing Papaya Cleanser with 2% salicylic acid acne medication. Skin-softening papaya enzyme works to unclog pores for deeper cleansing while the salicylic acid acne medication actively attacks breakouts. Skin is left feeling clean, soft and rejuvenated.


Acne-Repairing Papaya Moisturizer

Finish with the Acne-Repairing Papaya Moisturizer to maintain moisture balance while continuing to treat and prevent breakouts with salicylic acid acne medication all day long. The oil control formula combines papaya enzyme and natural skin conditioners with the salicylic acid acne medicine to hydrate skin without pore-clogging residue. Use it daily for a clear, shine-free, radiant complexion.