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STR8 UP Health Talk for Teens: Teenage Health Podcast

Get the latest medical advice to help teens look and feel their best from Doctor Robin Miller in our very own teenage health podcast. Nature's Cure presents STR8 UP, Health Talk for Teens. Each teenage health podcast show strives to deliver candid, expert information and advice to help adolescents make healthy decisions as they go through puberty and face new teenage health dilemmas.

Topics focus on teenage health issues affecting the physical and emotional well-being of today's youth, with teenage health advice on things like tattoos and piercings, mononucleosis, sports safety, exercise, skin care, nutrition and diet trends, personal hygiene, and dealing with stress.

Teen Obesity

Dr. Robin Miller discusses the obesity epidemic in our country that is now spreading to teens. Find out what you can do to live healthfully and prevent the early onset of many diseases.
* How to determine if you are obese
* Exercise and diet advice for those who are overweight

Thu, Sep 14, 2006 | listen now | comments (13)


annie posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
Stephanie posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
i think this is great
ira posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
vey helpful
Jen posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
wow, no one write on this board. and do you know why? they don't want to come up front and say "i sit on my computer all day and don't hang out outside anymore because chad michael murray or who ever else is on t.v tonight" kids get lazy easy, im a big girl, im proud of it, im not that big cause im tall as hell but i exercise i play volleyball everyday i walk everywhere i go and i don't eat too much.
chelsea posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
this is okey
shakita posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
thisnwould be excellent
Ana posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
This sounds cool
cassie posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
hi, i luv yalls website
Tanya posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
This is the truth of obesity and it could really help
Mychell posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
People determine their weights and sizes by doing what they do. they know that if they eat healthy, they wouldn't have to worry about being obese.
Marhiya posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
Thats true.
Britany posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
I just think that teens should eat healthier food and not go to McDonald's so much!! I personally like Subway!
santhy posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2008
some thin people think there fat and there on crazy diet pills. but the people who are obese don't want ot do nothing . my cousin she's obese and she wants to get fit but everyone brings her down. saying she can't do it. people on the street give her looks and call her don't worry mcdonald's open 24 hours. it's funny but sad so i would not want to make fun of someone obese.cause i wouldn't like it

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